Aspiring senior leaders programme

It was energising to work with a dozen skilled middle leaders last night in the first session of our Aspiring Senior Leaders Course this year.

The first session posed the question, "what would our school of future look like?" In building this utopia we considered what we stood for, what really mattered in the improvement of young people's lives and how we could shape that vision as senior leaders. Where would you stand on these three topics for debate?

Headteachers should be leaders of teaching and learning

They must have been teachers before taking on this responsibility


Headteachers are business leaders

Headteachers should not be teachers, they have to be skilled in business leadership. Teachers do not have the training or skills to take on this role.


Big schools

The school should take in a large number of students, so that more funding for communal facilities is available, and there are more opportunities for diverse activities.


Small schools

The school should take in a small number of students, to avoid alienation and anonymity, and increase the opportunities for participation.


Focused on pupils

The school should devote all its time and energy to its pupils.


Embracing the wider community

As well as pupils, the school should extend its offering to parents, carers, residents, businesses and the wider community.

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Created in August 2016

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